Thursday, June 26, 2008

new tag...

I was tagged...and it's a very different tag. With this tag, you are supposed to take pictures of the following things just they way there are right now, no cheating. So I did. Here it goes.

The Toilet

I chose my bathroom cause the kids is a pig sty right now.

The Kitchen Sink

Breakfast dishes plus the dishes that didn't fit in last night's load.

The Fridge

I'm not an organized person.

The Laundry Room

Garage access in here so it has became like a catch all place.

My Favorite Room

Family room-must be everybody's favorite room with how messy it is.

My favorite Shoes

Nice and comfy and they slip right on.

And the kids.

Jacob is addicted to the wii.

Quincy practicing piano and Owen playing with my exercise ball.
Abbey reading.

My Closet

I originally forgot this one-probably cause it's a disaster area in there.

***I tag Janna, Ashley, Shellie (welcome to the blogging world), Jennie and Diane!***


Tina said...

I like your washer and dryer, and the sink in your laundry room. looks like we have the same favorite shoes. How does Quincy like piano? I didn't know she was learning. I have to come see your new piano!

shellie said...

i just barely got the posting thing down and now i have to post something like complicated but i will give it my best shot tonight after work.

Ashley said...

Thanks Nancy! Now everyone's going to know that I'm a slob!

Shauna said...

It wasn't too bad was it? It was fun to see! Looks like flip flops are a favorite choice!

Deb said...

Nancy I didn't know you were a blogger too. Well I look forward to checking in on you and getting to know you and your cute family.

Thacker Family said...

What a fun post! Now I have to do it!