Thursday, January 21, 2010


Abbey loves short hair and she looks so cute with it cut short.

Quincy grew her hair super long so she could donate it to Locks of Love.

I do have the cutest girls!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

8 hours

My awesome baby has slept for 8 hours 3 nights in a row and last night I actually slept for 7 of those hours. I'm feeling a lot less like a zombie now!
He's so cute...
He's really starting to smile a lot now, so hopefully soon I will be able to catch it on camera. These pictures were taken with my cell phone...not too bad.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new look

New look for a new year and my blog is as updated as it is going to get. Hopefully I will get on the ball and keep it updated on a regular basis! That's one of my goals this year...

Also thought I'd take a picture of my happy birthday sign before I take it down. My kids were so great that morning. I could hear that they were up to something, and Jake came in and said stay in bed mom (he really didn't have to twist my arm) and a little while later they came in and had me come to the kitchen. They had made breakfast for me and this sign! They are the best kids ever! They really know how to make me feel loved!

6 weeks...

My baby is 6 weeks old today. Time has flown by even with the lack of sleep! I thought once the baby was here I would get motivated to take more pictures and start blogging...not so much. But with Kyle being 6 weeks I thought I would take a few pictures and make myself update my blog. This baby is so much funny and even starting to smile a little bit. He gave me his first smile on my birthday last birthday present ever! I tried so hard to get him to smile today for the camera but smiles are still hard to come by and well getting him to smile and taking pictures at the same time just wasn't working. Enjoy the pictures anyway!!
After a few minutes a recruited Jake to help.

I had Jake take a few pictures while I tried. While I was trying to get Kyle to smile I kissed him on the cheek and Jake said mom do that again so I can take a picture of you kissing his cheek...too cute! So this picture is posed!