Monday, March 30, 2009


Quincy told her coach last week at practice that she wanted to play goalie. On Saturday she told me about it and said she was very nervous about it so at the game she told the coach she changed her mind. The coach ended up putting her in anyway for the 4Th quarter. Probably because they were up 4-0 so it was a good time for her to try it out without so much pressure. She did a really good job and only had to get the ball twice.
Her team pretty much dominated the whole game, so this is what she looked like most of the time...a little bored, but super cute. I was really impressed with her though. I was watching her when the ball would start to make it's way down to her end and she totally looked like she knew how to play goalie. She does play goalie at recess a lot, just never in a real soccer game. I just can't get over how exciting these games are for me to watch now. They have finally reached that age where they are playing as a team and know their positions.

Easter Egg Hunt

***off the subject***

A few weeks ago we took the training wheels off of Owen's bike. The only picture I took was when he was screaming bloody murder and riding his bike at the same time. It was hilarious...all of our kids have done that so far, it must be scary to when you first ride all by yourself.

Saturday was our neighborhood's Annual Easter Egg Hunt. The kids had lots of fun this year (no crying at all...miracle) finding eggs and in between age groups playing on the big blow slide and the playground.

Quincy (yellow shirt) Abbey (blue shirt bending over)

Jacob (blue and green striped shirt)

Owen going down the slide as the other 3 just got off. They loved this thing...they couldn't stop giggling.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks Day!

For St. Patricks Day I went with some friends to the "green fountain." In Fountain Hills, Az they have this huge fountain that put green dye in at noon on St. Patricks Day. This fountain was super huge and it was at a nice park, so it was a great place to let the kids play. For me it was a great place to people watch. I did not realize that lots of people really get into this holiday.
Here it is when it was just starting to turn green.
Here is the fountain really emerald green. It was actually really pretty to watch.

Here are a couple of pictures of my favorite people to watch. If I was really brave I would of gone over there and asked them to pose for me. But I'm not.

We really had lots of fun. Thanks Liz for telling us about this place, hopefully we will turn this into a yearly tradition.

Field Trip

Last month I was able to go on a field trip with Owen's Kindergarten class. They went to a dairy farm and learned all about cows. They were also able to feed goats and horses, pet rabbits and hold chickens. Owen was game for everything but actually holding the chickens. They had lots of fun and so did I. That was the first time I have ever helped out at school. I really need to do that more often.
Owen's entire kindergarten class.
Feeding the horse.
Feeding the goat.

Another Soccer Season.

The girls are half way through another soccer season. We put them in a different league this time so they could play on the same team as some of there friends in the ward. They have really great coaches and it is getting really exciting to watch them play. They are learning how to actually play as a team instead of as individuals. I'm really enjoying this season.


The girls taking a knee...someone was hurt.