Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soccer Season...

Today was the first of many soccer games. Owen's team is called the Twisters. His game was bright and early at 8:00am which was really nice cause it was a little cooler. I was hesitant to put him in again this year (he cried a lot last year) but he said he wanted to play. He did so well today! There was no crying and he went right in and played instead of just staying away from all the action. It was really exciting and am so glad that he has really grown a lot in this past year.
The battery in my camera was dead so I only took these with my phone.
The girls played a little later. Their team is the Lavender Dragons. I ended up making their banner which caused me a lot of stress in the last few days but I am glad to be done with it. It was a lot warmer during their game, but with an umbrella and a little breeze it was bearable. Quincy and Abbey did soooo well today. They also have grown so much in the past year and I started to see signs of aggression and are really getting into the games! Quincy even scored a goal! I was so excited and I jumped up and cheered until I got all choked up...then I had to sit down and be thankful that I was wearing sunglasses. This season is looking like it will be a lot more exciting.

The girls games wasn't till 11:40 so I was able to charge my the battery in my phone. As you can see, my camera isn't any better then my phone. I hate this piece of crap...the zoom stopped working in the summer and it is only a little over a year old. So I didn't even try to take any while they were playing, all we would have seen were little tiny dots in the grass.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my new obsession...

my sister janna got me hooked. started with a stupid word challenge game that i suck at and now i am finding many friends from high school, even one from elementary school back in my california days!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

WOW...I'm impressed!

Ok, so I don't usually get into politics. In fact when I was planning on voting this november, it was going to be just a vote AGAINST Obama. There is something about him that just rubs me the wrong way; just a really bad feeling about him. I always just vote republican because I am conservative and...liberals....well, I won't go there. Tonight I had heard that Sarah Palin's speech was really good, so I watched a rebroadcast of it on msnbc and I am hooked. I think she is completely awesome and she actually makes me not only want to be a better mother, but actually get involved in the community and stuff. Maybe I need to join the PTO for our school! I might even watch McCain's speech tomorrow night. Who knew that I could get interested in politics!