Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dr. Alva’s All Stars



We have a new principal at our school this year.  He’s started a program called Dr. Alva’s All Stars which lets each teacher pick 2 all stars in their class every month.  One for character and one for academic.  They invite the family to a special morning assembly (8am, 55 minutes before school starts might I add) to recognize all the kids and we get muffins and juice.  It was really hard to get all the kids and me ready by 7:45 so we could be there on time and get a good seat (front row) but the Costco Chocolate muffins was definitely worth it! 

Quincy was chosen by her teacher Mrs. Dunham for character.  That makes a mother feel real good that not only is she behaving, but she is standing out with her positive attitude!


first day of school…August 9th

  better late than never right?  I’ve started using blog writer to update my blog (I’m a little slow I know) and it is soooo much easier and faster to do.  So I may start keeping this thing up to date. 

All my school age children on the first day of school before the girls took off.


Jacob with his teacher Mrs. Schmidt


Owen with his teacher Mrs. Elcock.



Jacob all lined up and ready to go inside.



And now it’s just me and Kyle which makes me sad and happy all at the same time.


quick summer recap…

Our summer was filled with swim lessons for the boys and went by super fast!  We had three birthdays, went to Utah for 3 weeks and squeezed in a little camping trip as well.


Abbey’s 10th birthday was June 5th.

016 007


pics from our trip to Utah…

 037 064  080 081 153 166  021


Jacob’s 5th Birthday and Owen’s 7th birthday on June 23rd.

169168 073


an unwanted little critter in my house…hadn’t seen any in the house the 4 years we lived here and we found 2 that day…in completely different areas of the house!  luckily Abbey had no problem catching it for me.


Jacob being the excellent helper he is…even though Kyle was just playing with the bottle and had no interest in drinking it.



Kyle’s first big boy bath!


Camping with friends…

I forgot my camera camping so these are the few pics taken with my phone.

 IMG00059-20100710-1250 IMG00063-20100710-1251


camping wears you out!


That’s it…our summer in a nutshell :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


we had our first soccer games on Saturday.


Quincy is the small one in the middle in blue.



Abbey chasing the ball.


Jacob kicking a corner kick.

I am a slacker mom and didn’t get any of Owen didn’t get any pictures of him during his game or his super hot coach (Peter) because I was feeding Kyle a bottle.  Hopefully I will get some pictures this weekend.  It gets more and more fun to watch my kids play every year!

kyle update…

Kyle is now 10 months old and crawling everywhere.  His hair is getting long but I can’t bear to cut it cause I think he is too cute.  I’m just not ready for him to look like a toddler.  I want him to stay a baby forever…

DSC01843 He pulled himself us for the first time yesterday and was quite proud of himself…he really wanted to play bingo with his brothers, or eat the little bingo markers!

IMG00145-20100925-1838 Also, Kyle is officially weaned as of last week and thank you to everyone that gave me advice on the subject.  I really appreciated it!  The stubborn kid just wanted to drink a bottle when he was ready to drink from a bottle and the second he did it was bottle from then on.  I am paying the price now for weaning cold turkey but I’m happy and he’s happy.  I love it when he gets all excited when I am shaking up the bottle to mix the formula.  He can hold it himself if needed but I still enjoy holding him and cuddling with him while he eats.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect either.  Soccer season started up again and we were at the fields for 4 hours in the 105 plus heat.  I don’t know what I would of done if I had to nurse him during those games.


IMG00149-20100929-1540 Jake loves his tomatoes so much, he couldn’t wait for me to get off the computer to cut it for him so he ate it like an apple.