Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stolen Camera

When I was downloading my pictures tonight, I found at least 20 pictures like these on my camera.

Owen stole my camera this afternoon and must of put it back when he was done cause I never new he had it. I wish he could learn to put his toys away when he is done with them too!

Digital cameras are the best! My kids love to take pictures and it's so nice to be able to just delete them when they are done. And you never know, sometimes the come up with really cute pictures and sometimes they are just the TV! I could only imagine how expensive it would get with film!!


Arizona is the best place for Halloween!! It was my turn to take the kids out trick-or-treating and the weather was beautiful!! I think last time I went it was freezing cold and you couldn't even see the kids costumes cause they were all bundled up.

Jacob loved it. He was so ornery before we left (I hate how that word is spelled). It's amazing how quickly candy cheers kids up!!

The weather is so nice that most of the people just sit on there driveways and pass out candy. That made it a lot faster for us. One house put a bunch of tables, ate dinner and watched a movie (Harry Potter) they projected onto a screen the placed on their garage.

Carving Pumpkins!!

Last night we carved pumpkins. When we opened up Abbey's we saw this green thing in it. Turns out, inside her pumpkin 2 of the seeds had sprouted. We have never seen or heard of that before!! So of course I took pictures.

Multi-tasking!! There was a JAZZ game on last night!! GO JAZZ!!
This was the first year we had girls do the carving themselves. They turned out really cute!!

Trunk or Treat!!

Last night our ward had trunk or treat. The kids had so much fun. We were combined with another ward and I ended up having to go the store last night to buy more candy for regular trick-or-treating tonight!

Owen the Pirate
Abbey the Angel
Quincy the Devil
Quincy invited one of her friends to come with us last night. I had to explain to her what trunk-or-treat was! I guess it is just a mormon thing!!
Jacob the Tiger

I was planning on making the kids costumes this year, but the time flew by so fast that I ended up just buying them. It was so much better and a lot less stressful!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

family pictures

These pictures are over a year old. But they are my favorites!!

Just thought I'd add one of Peter and I.

Aren't they the happiest, cutest kids ever??!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Peter's brothers and dad flew in late Thursday night for a guys weekend. Their plans were to golf and just hang out. Then at the last minute they decided to go to Rocky Point Mexico for the weekend. It is only a 3 1/2 hour drive to a beautiful little beach resort city. Not only have I been super jealous (the beach is my favorite place to vacation), but that left me alone taking all the kids to their soccer games.

In AYSO the teams usually have banners made. I ended up volunteering to make Abbey's and Owen's. They also have a banner contest in each division. I found out today that Owen's banner won his division. They get prize money to use towards their soccer party at the end of the season. I only volunteered because I loved the banners when I was playing soccer a long, long, time ago. And now I am super proud of my banner cause other people like it too! I will eventually post a picture of the banner I made for Abbey's team when I finally take a picture of it. (Abbey's isn't as good. They are the red dragons and dragons are really hard to make!)

We had a about 45 minutes in between two games so I let the kids play at the park for a little bit.

My girls are such sweet sisters!! They are pushing their brothers in the swings, so I can relax and stay in the shade.

I didn't get any pictures of them playing today, Jake was super whiny so all my time was spent trying to keep him happy.

Right after Quincy's game we went to a Halloween carnival in our subdivision that our HOA put on. I felt like we had to go cause the food, games, bounce houses were all free (or at least paid for with our HOA dues). They were supposed to dress up in their costumes, but I am a procrastinator and am not finished with them yet. Plus I think I don't have the time during the day like I used to. So I used the excuse that we came straight from their soccer games and called them "soccer player" costumes.

It was super hot today and there is not much shade. As we were eating hot dogs, Jake insisted on sitting on my lap to eat and dropped his hot dog which resulted in ketchup all over my pants and shoelaces. So after about an hour and sunburned skin I had all I could take. The kids got upset when I said that is was time to go, but had to remind them that they were lucky I took them at all! I am trying to teach my kids to be grateful for what they were able to do while they were there and not focus on the leaving early part. Any advice??!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lost Tooth

Abbey lost another tooth last night. She is in second grade and this is only her 3rd lost tooth. She looks so cute. I can't wait for the other one to come out too, but it's not that wiggly yet.


We have early church (8:30am) and since we don't have lots of family around, our Sundays seem really long. Last week the kids wanted to wrestle with daddy. They wanted him to have a little bit of a disadvantage so they got some of his ties and blindfolded him.

They had so much fun but didn't want to stop. They really enjoyed it when I would jump in and blindside Peter and knock him over. Unfortunately he would always get me back!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quincy's Baptism - May 19th, 2007

Quincy was baptized May 19th, 2007. She was so excited about the whole thing, especially because her Grandparents from both sides, plus her Great Grandma Bernice came down just to see her.

I made the dress for her and it was actually quite fun because the dress was so cute. Quincy really liked it and Abbey can't wait till she gets to wear it next year when she gets baptized.

Cleaning Toilets...

Since Owen has been potty trained the bathroom always smells like pee. For some reason that kid can't hold still while taking care of business and always makes a huge mess. Telling him to just pee in the toilet didn't seem to be helping the situation. I think he figured as long as he hit the toilet he was good. I realized that I needed to be more specific and tell him that the pee actually needs to hit the water. That seemed to help because I cleaned our bathrooms yesterday and to my surprise found no pee anywhere on the toilet or floor!! It was such a happy day!! Let's hope he can keep up the good work!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Owen's Preschool

Owen just finished a little 8 week preschool class. It was called Zoo Phonics and it really helped him learn a lot of his letters. He even learned to write his name!

They had a little program on his last day and he actually sang with the other kids. I was so proud. We have him in another preschool class that goes for the rest of the school year. Hopefully that will prepare him for all day kindergarten next year.
I can't wait to have 3 kids in school! That will make shopping during the day so much easier.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Utah Summer Vacation

We were able to spend almost 2 weeks this summer in Utah. It was a really nice break from the 110 degree heat. Peter wasn't able to take that much vacation time so he flew up on July 3rd and drove us home July 7th. We had a lot of fun spending time with both families.

Birthday BBQ for Grandpa Phillippi at Jim & Melissa's house.

Jim let the chickens out for the kids and Jake loved to chase the chickens while Owen found a safe place in their swingset.

Seven Peaks

We were able to spend a day at Seven Peaks and it was so much fun. The girls finally learned to swim this year and which made a lot less worrying for me.

Of course a lot of the fun was sharing all the junk food that everybody brought!!