Thursday, September 30, 2010

quick summer recap…

Our summer was filled with swim lessons for the boys and went by super fast!  We had three birthdays, went to Utah for 3 weeks and squeezed in a little camping trip as well.


Abbey’s 10th birthday was June 5th.

016 007


pics from our trip to Utah…

 037 064  080 081 153 166  021


Jacob’s 5th Birthday and Owen’s 7th birthday on June 23rd.

169168 073


an unwanted little critter in my house…hadn’t seen any in the house the 4 years we lived here and we found 2 that day…in completely different areas of the house!  luckily Abbey had no problem catching it for me.


Jacob being the excellent helper he is…even though Kyle was just playing with the bottle and had no interest in drinking it.



Kyle’s first big boy bath!


Camping with friends…

I forgot my camera camping so these are the few pics taken with my phone.

 IMG00059-20100710-1250 IMG00063-20100710-1251


camping wears you out!


That’s it…our summer in a nutshell :)


Gary and LaRee said...

Such cute pictures!!! Can't believe how much Kyle has grown since we saw him. Sure do miss you guys! So glad we can get on your blog while so far away.