Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dr. Alva’s All Stars



We have a new principal at our school this year.  He’s started a program called Dr. Alva’s All Stars which lets each teacher pick 2 all stars in their class every month.  One for character and one for academic.  They invite the family to a special morning assembly (8am, 55 minutes before school starts might I add) to recognize all the kids and we get muffins and juice.  It was really hard to get all the kids and me ready by 7:45 so we could be there on time and get a good seat (front row) but the Costco Chocolate muffins was definitely worth it! 

Quincy was chosen by her teacher Mrs. Dunham for character.  That makes a mother feel real good that not only is she behaving, but she is standing out with her positive attitude!



Gary and LaRee said...

Yeah for Quincy!!! That is very exciting! Good job Quincy!!!

Jaclyn said...

All right Quincy! Read all you posts... fun and great pictures!